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How to install Adobe Air and TweetDeck on Ubuntu 10.10 64Bit

Short tutorial on how to install Adobe Air 2.x and TweetDeck on a 64bit Ubuntu Linux.

  1. Go to and grab the latest 32bit version of Adobe Air, which is 2.5.1 when writing this. Select the .bin version in the dropdown below.
  2. Grab a copy of getlibs from here. (local copy)
  3. Use GDebi to install the .deb or type in a terminal

    sudo dpkg -i getlibs-all.deb

  4. Run getlibs and download the required libraries

    sudo getlibs -l

  5. Run ldconfig to update the necessary links to the shared libraries

    sudo ldconfig

  6. Make the downloaded Adobe Air Installer executable and install Adobe Air

    sudo chmod +x AdobeAIRInstaller.bin
    sudo ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin

Now the installation of TweetDeck. The default installation path for TweetDeck is in /opt, which suits my preferences. Since the installer needs the right to write to the installation directory (really! :) ), I create a new subfolder and change the ownership of it my user.

  1. Create directory and change ownership

    sudo mkdir /opt/TweetDeck
    sudo chown $USER /opt/TweetDeck

  2. Go to, click the „Install TweetDeck“ Button and change the installation path to /opt/TweetDeck. If you don’t have flash installed/enabled, download the .air file from here.
  3. If you’re not running Gnome or KDE, take a look at this small script to make TweetDeck start without error. When you followed this tutorial, you have to make a small change to the script. Replace the line




  4. Follow me in your fresh installed TweetDeck on 64Bit Ubuntu. :)

Running TweetDeck on the Linux XFCE desktop

Update: For a full tutorial on how to setup Adobe Air and Tweetdeck on 64bit Ubuntu, take a look here.

Starting TweetDeck on a Linux desktop other then Gnome or KDE will result in the error message

Oops, TweetDeck can’t find your data

because TweetDeck doesn’t support them by default. But you only get to know about it, when starting from the command line

Unknown desktop manager, only Gnome and KDE are supported

To use TweetDeck you need e.g. a running gnome-keyring-daemon, otherwise TweetDeck doesn’t know how to save your account/password information. To start TweetDeck change the DIRNAME to your needs and use this script.

GNOME_KEYRING=`pidof gnome-keyring-daemon`