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Running TweetDeck on the Linux XFCE desktop

Update: For a full tutorial on how to setup Adobe Air and Tweetdeck on 64bit Ubuntu, take a look here.

Starting TweetDeck on a Linux desktop other then Gnome or KDE will result in the error message

Oops, TweetDeck can’t find your data

because TweetDeck doesn’t support them by default. But you only get to know about it, when starting from the command line

Unknown desktop manager, only Gnome and KDE are supported

To use TweetDeck you need e.g. a running gnome-keyring-daemon, otherwise TweetDeck doesn’t know how to save your account/password information. To start TweetDeck change the DIRNAME to your needs and use this script.

GNOME_KEYRING=`pidof gnome-keyring-daemon`